Events for 2019-2020

Programme of events for September 2019 to May 2020

  • September 21* – Liz will talk about her course at Metropolitan and demonstrate new techniques, in the Lagan Room

The Machine Knitting Doctor – October 12, Workshop on Casting on/off

  • October 26 – Christmas Knits, Bring your Machine**, Colour Change Hats – Liz will do a demo on Tuck Lace scarves, in the Parochial Hall – Lift access available

Knit & Stitch Show at the RDS, Dublin 7-10 November 2019

  • November 23 – Christmas Lunch, Candles for Christmas, by Liz, Competition for Best Christmas Hat, in the Lagan Room –  Christmas Lunch location to be confirmed
  • January 25 – To Be Confirmed, in the Parochial Hall – Lift access
  • February 22 – AGM followed by a video on Knitting Techniques, in the Lagan Room

**New** Quilt Fair - 26-28 March in the Stormont Hotel, Belfast

  • March 28 – Workshop on Dying yarns by Kay, in the Lagan Room
  • April 25 – Visitor, to be confirmed, in the Parochial Hall – Lift access available

The Machine Knitting Doctor – May 8/9, Workshop on Edges

  • May 16 – Unfinished items - Mourne Room


*this is a week earlier than our regular meetings

**if you don’t want to move your machine but would like to knit on the day, then please contact us as we may be able to supply a similar machine for you to use