22 March 2014

Many thanks to Bill James for standing in at short notice (unfortunately Liz had to cancel) and revelling to us the mysteries of how our machines work and the best ways to look after them. He advised on what we should do after completing a garment and then on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

We have no excuse now!


Also thanks to Harriett for showing us the 'easy sock' method - will have patterns for the next meeting.

Our Competition on a Sports theme was won by Margaret with her knitweave bag with individual sports motifs - Well Done! and you can see all the items at our stand at the Kings Hall 10-12 April.

The Easter Cake Ballott raised £45 and was won by Norma -Congratulations and many thanks to Ella's husband for the Cake - picture coming soon!

Welcome to all our visitors, hope you liked what you see and will come back and become members in September!