Members Day - Knitting Eco-Friendly items

For our the first meeting of the 2009/10 season, the Ladies from the Templepatrick area in Co Antrim showed us what you could do with 'left over'.  Things that could be made simply and easily from small amounts of wool or old tension squares.

Each of the 6 Ladies had items to show and tell us how they were made.  We were shown several mobile phone cases and tea coseys made from tension squares or odd bits of left over wool and patterns were handed out.  The range of ideas for charity stalls and presents was amazing and we throughly enjoyed the morning going over everthing.

After lunch, Harriett demonstrated how you could make brooches from left over felted material.  Felting is one of the latest trends and can be seem in lots of different area, jackets, hats and handbags.  Harriett, after much research had found a company which made a desktop cutter, similar to those used for die cutting in card making, but able to cope with felted material.

Harriett had come prepared with packets of 3 colours of felt, a button, needle and thread and a clasp, all at a nominal price for those who wanted to have a go.  It was great fun, chosing your colours and then the shapes, cutting the felt and then sewing it all together to create a unique brooch!  Again, a very quick idea of using up odds and ends and great for gifts or to sell.

Many thanks to all our Templepatrick Ladies!