27 September 2014

For our first meeting of the new season, we caught up with friends and welcomed 2 new people to the Guild.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

We had a visitor - Emma from the WoolWagon.biz

Emma, gave us a brief talk on her own craft background, how she had started her business and of course details of her lovely yarns!

She had yarns to suit all tastes and pockets, from lovely double knitting to sock yarn to chunky - in fact yarns you would not see in the shops with lovely colours to unusual textures.  The Wool Wagon, can been seen at St Georges Market every Friday and can be found on Facebook.

In our afternoon session, Harriett told us of her visit to Metropolitan's Dream week and showed us the items she had made at a workshop by Bill King and the latest from Iris Bishop.  Using the inspiration from Dream week and some yarn from the Wool Wagon she had created a lovely reversable hat, plain yarn on one side and multi-coloured on the other.  Just the thing for the colder weather.

Harriett also told us how she had heard of the Royal visit at the end of May.  We got an insight into what had gone on before it, how the stands were selected and also what the Queen said when at Harriett's stall in St Georges and what she had interested her!  Harriett has had quite a summer!!