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Harriett's visit to New Zealand

In December 2009 we flew to Auckland, New Zealand to visit my brother and his family for almost four weeks. As those who know me can testify, I am a knitting obsessive, so for months before we went I researched yarns, knitting and knitting groups in New Zealand. Well, can you imagine a month with no knitting?

Help & Advice

For help and advice on which machine to purchase or you require a machine serviced or if you would like any other information, use Contact Us  and one of our members will be in touch.

Jan 2010 - Surprising Garments

We started off 2010 by looking at the design of garments you can buy in the shops are how these can be adapted to make your own variations. 

Betty and Lorna showed garments that were of a square or rectangular design but by clever use of sewing up or colour could transformed to look complete different! 

Oct 2009 - Sat or Sun Charity Workshop

What a great day was had by all who attended our Charty Workshop! approximately 20 members across the 2 days, enjoyed a great day knitting. 

Liz McM starting off in the mornings by demonstrating how to do a basic hat on a single bed machine.  When we returned after lunch she demonstrated how to make mittens complete with a thumb!  Both the hat and mittens were done on the same tension throughout, I used a Bramwell yarn and found T7 ok. 

The patterns were basic and so the possibilities were endless, different yarns, adding fairisle punchcards etc etc.

Members Day - Knitting Eco-Friendly items

For our the first meeting of the 2009/10 season, the Ladies from the Templepatrick area in Co Antrim showed us what you could do with 'left over'.  Things that could be made simply and easily from small amounts of wool or old tension squares.

Each of the 6 Ladies had items to show and tell us how they were made.  We were shown several mobile phone cases and tea coseys made from tension squares or odd bits of left over wool and patterns were handed out.  The range of ideas for charity stalls and presents was amazing and we throughly enjoyed the morning going over everthing.

Summer Weather!

The summer is the time when we machine knitters move our activites out of the house and enjoy our gardens, the longer days, holidays, BBQs etc etc. 

Here we are in July and it feels like we should be starting to knit the winter woolies!


What are you doing this summer? Please let us know.

Reminder - Oct 2009 Charty Workshop

Our October event is a 2 day workshop run by Liz McM. and will be great one get us all knitting again.  You can either come on Saturday or Sunday or both if you like!

  Liz is going to take us through making hats and scarfs with the theme being that the items can then be donated to charity, the choice is yours.  Either way it will be and enjoyable day and we will either have learnt new skills or awaken old ones

  Things you will need - a standard gauge single bed machine, a selection of punch cards and 4ply wool in contracting colours.

  See you there!